Residential Cleaning Services

Like our customers, each home is unique. That's why at Portland Supreme Clean we customize services to meet your cleaning needs. Free in-home consultations help us to understand your expectations of our household cleaning service. This process uncovers your special house cleaning instructions, desired frequency of cleanings and what special instructions or concerns you have about cleaning your home.

Our customized residential cleaning service includes:

Dusting all surfaces from floor to ceiling including molding, window sills & lighting fixtures.

Cleaning and sanitizing all bathroom fixtures including toilet, sink, shower & tub and washing and sanitizing vanity top & floor.

Detailing kitchen appliances and thoroughly washing countertops and sink. We use the correct products for your specialty appliances.

Emptying all trash cans and replacing liners- cleaning your trash can as needed.

Vacuuming all floors and carpets- we get underneath hard to reach places, too.

Mopping all hard floor surfaces.

Linen Service including stripping and replacing soiled sheets.

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10% Off Your First Cleaning!

Contact us today for a risk-free consultation and receive 10% off your first scheduled cleaning.

We Are a Pet-Friendly Business!

We love our pets and we love yours, too. We wash pet dishes and vacuum pet beds for no extra charge.

We Bring All Supplies & Products With Us!

We bring everything we need to clean your house, so you don't need to worry about the extra cost of providing supplies.

We Use the Right Products for Your Appliances & Furniture!

We know what to use where. You never need to worry about your wood floors, your stainless or ceramic appliances, or your granite, marble or concrete countertops.

We Customize Our Service!

We'll do everything on our service list, or you can pick and choose the services you need. If there's something you need that isn't on the list- tell us! Our cleaning service is truly customizable.

We Do Seasonal and One-Time Cleanings!

We clean before and after move-ins & move-outs. We also offer post celebration clean-ups and seasonal services like cleaning your summer camp at the beginning and end of the season.

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